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Submitted on
June 8, 2006
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Fifty responses to How’s Life?

1. Peachy
2. Round
3. What Life?
4. Boring
5. Sexy
6. Fuck you Brandon! ( I asked a lot)
7. Wasted
8. Drunk
9. Hell
10. …………………………..( silent treatment)
11. Good, until you got here
12. Why? (Question with a question >.<)
13. How’s Life? How’s Life? How’s Life? How’s Life? ( I person actually does this)
14. Happy happy happy!!
15. Just got better (This is from a creeping guy I talk to)
16. That question is so old
17. Horny
18. hunting mangos (I don’t know, Darm you Scout)
19. Square
20. You just ask me a couple seconds ago
21. Stop it
22. I going to hurt you
23. (SLAP)
24. Do you have anything better to do
25. Am dieing, (sheesh) what a question to ask in a hospital
26. Go away
27. I don’t have a life
28. Hip-a-Jew (I know, it not a word but it a response)
29. Don’t get me started, I just go back from ….( I don’t really listen what they say after that)
30. Perfect, just like me
31. I don’t know
32. We need to talk about our relationship
33. Happier then a barrel of monkeys
34. My Life... is yours
35. Am sleeping, stop bugging me
36. Who are you?
37. If I have a nickel every time you said that, I would be rich and hire a hit man to kill you
38. Stuff
39. Why are we friend again?
40. Hyper
41. I want you, (Only if this was a response I got >.<)
42. impossible
43. What?
44. You creepy
45. Meow (yes a ask my cat)
46. Interesting
47. Much better then your
48. Brandon, do your work
49. It OVER!!!
50. Good

reviewers responses


Stick tungue out
f--- you

Twisting and turning in the endless vortex of time where nothing moves niether forward no backward. Where all life has purpose and that purpose is as infinite as time.
"as if you actually care"
Hows life is my personal quote and if you know me in person, you know by fact. How's life started out ok but then people started to hate it and start gaving me different respones. This is really just for people that I know but some other people might enjoy this

Please comment =D
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Katangaroo Aug 1, 2012  Student General Artist
hahaha! i wasn't even looking for this but it sure made my day! ^^

i was just googling "the best answer for everything" and got this, but i'm gonna go ahead and fav this cuz it was pretty interesting.

the "i want you" one was funny, but it sounded so similar i kept thinking of my friend who always says --> "Hey now! (pause) Let's not turn this rape into a murder." for everything. XD
he only said that once to me (and never again) because my (first and only) reply was "Fine with me, i'm not into necrophilia anyways. Now bend over..." :iconlolmemeplz:<(LOL!)

How's life?
"Benjamin Button told me to say 24."
Jynxpixie Sep 23, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
How's life?

Which one? :eyes:
Nah, life's looking up. :P

This is hilarious, it's totally going in my favs. i have to memorize a couple of these XD Just in case some poor random person asks me how life is. Lol. :lol:
Thanks I guess
flufdrax Jun 9, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
I can imagine many of those responses being from real people. but with me the answer would be "busy but good"
Hahah! XD Are these ALL responses you got? Or did you make some up? (WHOO MINE'S FIRST XD)
I made some up, imagine if i ask someone in the hospital
So totally awesome, Brandon!!!:D You could even add more to this!:3 :nod:You always ask me that question and somehow, it never gets annoying...unless I'm working on something.>>;;; I must think up new responces sometime.:D I shall now favourite this!:glomp::+fav:
I Fav kewl, and already add some from the reviews onto the list

oh yea and How's life?
Awesome!:3.....Life is asleep!:D....^^;
soundlessw Jun 8, 2006  Student Writer
My response is
Twisting and turning in the endless vortex of time where nothing moves niether forward no backward. Where all life has purpose and that purpose is as infinite as time.

Actually thats not what i say because I havent been asked. if someone asks me one of those kind of questions I usually just say,
"as if you actually care" and tehy usually say
"mans got a point"
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